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Frequently asked questions on extermination

Q. Why should we trust you?

A. Because we treat our customers the same way we'd like to be treated ourselves. Also, because we are professional, courteous, reliable and we try never to forget the human element. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of extermination we take the time to listen well and to understand our customers. After all, they are the real experts of their own problem, Finally, we always give an exact estimate on the phone, an excellent service with guaranteed support and all of this at a very reasonable price.

Q. What are your qualifications?

A. We have our license issued by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec which gives us the right to purchase and apply pesticides in strict accordance with the manufacturers' instructions for these products.

Q. What is the nature of your job?

A. We apply the principles of integrated pest management, that is to say that we are treating with the right product and in the most environmentally friendly way possible, while trying to determine the cause to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Q. Is it difficult to find the cause of a problem of infestation by rodents or insects?

A. Sometimes, while talking on the phone, one can determine the source, for example, if a customer hears scratching on the ceiling of the upper floor, it is often a rodent which has found access to the loft either through a soffit or through a roof fan. If there are ants walking around the house in January then we know that there is a nest in the walls.

Q. What types of problems do you face?

A. There are two categories of problems: First, there is the problem that comes from outside. In that case we speak of ants, spiders, rodents, etc. Or it is a human problem, that is to say, imported by a person or furniture, for example, cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, Indian moths (mites), etc…

Q. What causes an infestation? We often hear about unsanitary conditions...

A. It is true that insects are associated with uncleanliness. In fact, insects themselves are not necessarily dirty, but a poorly handled situation could easily degenerate into an infestation.

Q. Can vermin make us sick?

A. Yes, under certain conditions. For example, one of the leading causes of childhood asthma in New York City are the cockroaches. In heavy infestations, dead insects in the walls break, decompose, and the resulting dust floats in the air and lodges in the lungs. Bedbugs do not actually cause disease, but the repeated bites are so unpleasant, even painful, that lack of sleep can affect people with a bedbug infestation.

Q. People who call you are probably nervous and anxious ...

A. Yes, absolutely, and they are even often in shock. Much of our job is to calm them and reassure them, make them understand that they have done nothing wrong and that we will solve their problem.

Q. Can we have insects even though our house is clean and well maintained?

A. Yes, of course. Even in the cleanest home, if cockroaches or bedbugs come in a suitcase or a piece of furniture, for instance, they will multiply.

Q. What can we do to avoid having problems?

A. There are external treatments that can prevent that insects such as ants or wasps integrate a home. With regard to rodents, one should make sure that there is no opening around the house. In the case of mice, an opening of barely 1 centimetre is enough.

Q. Are the products that you use safe and without danger for children and pets?

A. Our first concern is the health of our clients. Our products are mostly odourless, but we take more precautions with young children, pregnant women, elderly people and pets who we ask to evacuate for about four to five hours for certain treatments we apply.

Q. Are your vehicles identified? We do not want the whole neighbourhood to know we brought in an exterminator.

A. Our vehicles are not identified and we act with the utmost discretion.










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